Platform Connecting Restaurants & Vendors Takes Off

Platform Connecting Restaurants & Vendors Takes Off

Great article about Improvonia today in Elevation DC!

“Improvonia, an online platform to connect restaurant managers and suppliers, has clearly identified a pain point in the food industry market since launching in July. The startup, which won the Best Unfunded Startup award at D.C. Tech Day, says nearly 150 restaurants, bars and hotels–including a District Hilton and the Blue Duck at the Hyatt–are using its platform, as well as roughly two dozen suppliers.

‘We were shooting for 16 restaurants to sign up in the first month,’ says Konstantin Zvereff-Akiiki, Improvonia CEO. 'Now we have 149 restaurants. And suppliers are giving us all of their accounts, asking restaurants to join our platform.’ Approximately 900 accounts are in Improvonia’s theoretical wings, waiting to be onboarded." – Allyson Jacobs

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