Communication Just Gets Better with Addition of Real-Time Messaging to BlueCart

The latest and greatest from BlueCart (formerly Improvonia) includes a feature for anyone who has ever had to work the supply side of the restaurant industry: real time messaging that can be tied to specific orders. Now, you can have a text conversation directly with your client or supplier that literally revolves around the orders you’re discussing. Want clarity from your sales rep, but don’t have time to make a call? Just text them alongside the order.

“Hey Jack, can you make sure these short ribs are the ones from Allsfield, not those BigFatFarms ones?”

“Sure thing!”

When the order arrives, you have the actual order sheet, plus the comments, and all the texts that went with it. Restaurants get exactly what they want, and suppliers have clear records to reduce returned orders. Communication has never been clearer. Business has never been better.