Game Changer: BlueCart Adds Alcohol in Industry First

Restaurants, bars, hotels, retailers–anyone in the business of booze–can now order alcohol from their distributors on BlueCart (formerly Improvonia) at absolutely no charge, and distributors use the platform for free too! Read our “big tease” press release below:

The One Ordering App You Should Be Using, But Probably Aren’t…

Washington, D.C.: Readers in the restaurant industry who still haven’t heard of BlueCart are one click away from better business and an easier life. The app that brought online ordering to the restaurant supply chain has just announced a one-word game changer: alcohol. Restaurants can now stock everything from the bar to the back door with just one click, and participating alcohol distributors have a powerful new tool for communicating with their clients. The icing on the cake? The entire service is free for both the alcohol distributors and their clients.

Since BlueCart’s launch in July 2014, the company’s 1,000+ restaurants/hotels/retail clients have been able to order all of their supplies from their purveyors in one place—with a notable exception. While suppliers of meats, produce, and even paper products and tableware were connecting with clients on the platform, there was no one online to stock the bar. With alcohol distributors now on board, BlueCart becomes the first, and only, complete solution for restaurant ordering.

Sam Haltiwanger, Beverage Director at Rasika in D.C.’s Penn Quarter, was one of the first to try the new feature, replenishing his well-regarded wine list with the click of a button: “We have an eclectic wine program with a lot of small producers. It takes a lot of work to maintain this type of a list so we really appreciate the simplicity and ease of BlueCart’s online ordering.“

“It’s an industry first,” says BlueCart CEO Konstantin Zvereff, “When we initially envisioned the BlueCart easy ordering system, we realized we had an opportunity to develop the only complete solution in the market. There were apps for wine orders, apps for food orders, even apps for individual suppliers like Sysco, but there was nothing out there that could tie all of those together. Now, BlueCart brings everything restaurants need—including alcohol—into one place. It really is simple, one-click ordering.”

BlueCart’s co-founder, Jag Bansal, agrees, “Last month, someone set up a brand new restaurant using only suppliers they connected with on BlueCart. They found local produce suppliers, paper goods, seafood vendors, and even alcohol distributors, all through our app. No one has ever seen anything like it.” The owner of the restaurant, SKWR, explains: “BlueCart had already done the research and made the connections. When I was ready, they guided me to all of the right distribution channels.”

The BlueCart app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play. Restaurants and suppliers can get started right away at, and Zvereff says updates in the works include more tools to help sales reps make the most of client relationships, even faster ordering for restaurants, and added insights to give managers a clear picture of their businesses.