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We’re in FoodTech Connect explaining “Why There Won’t Be an ‘Amazon for Restaurant Supply’ Anytime Soon

Because BlueCart (formerly Improvonia) lets restaurants place all of their orders to all of their suppliers in one click and then organizes those orders for each individual supplier, people always want to ask us if we’re “The Amazon of Restaurant Supply.” The truth is, while that moniker may sound very, very enticing in an investor deck, we are not even close to meeting that description and would be out of business in a heartbeat if we were.

Why? The problem is a focus on price comparison. Amazon is an online marketplace. It pits producer against producer in a race for lower prices and occasionally better reviews. We can argue all we want about whether that’s great for sellers, consumers or the planet in general, but you know who is not debating whether or not they want that platform in their industry? Restaurant suppliers. And it’s not just about prices hitting the floor, because in most cases, they’re already down there or hovering just above.

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