Could Blue Apron Kill The Restaurant Industry?

Probably not. Here’s why.

At BlueCart, we are all about online ordering making life easier, so it’s no surprise that we love Blue Apron. It’s amazing. If you haven’t tried it, you should. It’s going to introduce tons of new people to the joys of cooking, and maybe even make healthy eaters out of the microwave pizza-bites crowd, BUT… it is not going to stop anyone from going out to dinner, or even ordering take-out for that matter.

Here are 5 Reasons that won’t happen:

1) The dishes, etc. Blue Apron only solves one aspect of the laziness problem us restaurant-dependents succumb to on a near nightly basis. Just because I get my ingredients delivered to my door in neat little packets of just the right amounts does not mean I always want to open those packages, actually cook those ingredients on my stove, plate the results, and then wash the plates. Cooking at home is wonderful, and Blue Apron makes it incredibly easy. But it’s still a little work. Blue Apron box packers perform a fantastic service, but chefs and waiters take that to the next level, and we’ll always be happy to take advantage of their hospitality.

2) Where the booze at? We are looking forward to the Blue Apron Wine and Beer Paring Program. Or at least a nib of vodka tucked into the salad bag. Until then? The Thai place down the street sells $3 Singha with my drunken noodles.

3) “Special delivery” is an oxymoron. For now. “Hey honey, I decided this year we’d celebrate our anniversary by having the UPS guy drop off some individual packets of carbonara ingredients.” said that guy who got divorced last week. I think the Blue Apron team is probably going to crack the code on this (get ready for premium options and services as soon as they see the demand), but for now, we’re still heading to White Castle for their Valentine’s Day magic.

4) Package Thieves. Sorry, this one’s personal. My NestCam caught a video of some guy ripping open a box on my stoop and stealing an entire summer’s worth of shorts (read: 1 pair). I was devastated, and am currently a sweaty mess of thickest denim. If he gets his hands on my dinner ingredients, you can bet I’m headed straight to the neighborhood bar for some sweet potato fries someone else made and—see #2—a beer.

5) Pricing. Actually, I think Blue Apron has this one under control. Their meals are often less than $5 / person. That’s not quite the economy you’d get if you actually got off your butt and went to the grocery store yourself, but it’s close enough for now. So… you win this last one, Blue Apron. Nice work. We’ll use you when we’re staying home, and we’re very happy about that. But we’re not going to stop going out any time soon.

We tell our friends: By all means, give Blue Apron a try. You will be happy you did. It will improve your nights in, without taking away from your nights out.