Kitchens in Crisis as Cook Shortage Hits Restaurant Industry. Here's Help...

There’s a shortage of good cooks out there, and it’s making for tough times in kitchens according to the Washington Post (see their full post here). If that doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, you’ve obviously never worked in the industry, and probably also think it’s easy to be five feet tall in the NBA. This is a huge problem, and the way we see it, there are only two good ways to get through it:

1) Restaurants need to band together and start figuring out training programs that work. Find a way to get people up through the ranks without incurring too much training-for-poaching, and start filling slots ASAP. What’s great about the restaurant industry is that it is literally a pipeline to great success for creative people who work hard no matter where they may start on the line. Just watch this video about DC restauranteurs’ humble beginnings if you don’t believe us.

2) We need to stop wasting the kitchen’s time with tasks that have already been made easy in the rest of the world. Yes, we’re talking about ordering, and yes, we’re talking about BlueCart. Thousands of restaurants are already ordering all their supplies from all their purveyors online. Want a great recruiting tool for top talent? Tell them you use, and they’ll never have to stay late to place orders again. Done and done. 

Number one is up to you guys. We handle the second solution at, and are happy to lend a free hand.