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Restaurants and Suppliers Take Note: There’s Gold in Them Thar Dishes.

Remember the Cronut? It pains me to write that word. Half-croissant, half-donut, oft-loved, equally hated, it was a cash-cow for the places that invented, copied, and mastered it. If you didn’t make money on it in its heyday, you probably missed the boat. Don’t feel bad, the boat eventually sank. And now we’ve got a list of new options that you could take to the next sales level, maybe with a little more staying power than a baked goods mixtape… 

We admit. This one caught us off guard. Who wants to eat ramen in the summer? Glad you asked, because the answer is: The Hungry Masses. Known ramen hot spots such as Momofuko Noodle Bar and Takashi are going bold with their ingredient choices - incorporating “superfoods” like kale, mixing it up with new proteins, and finishing strong with mixes of secret “special spices” – and it’s paying off. If you can’t stomach the idea of selling soup, though, you could always flex your creative chef muscle like Brooklyn Flea Flood Market’s Smorgasburg. All hail the… “ramen burger”.

Homemade Asian Inspired Ice Cream
Your guests are going to need a scoop or two to cool off after that course of pot noodle.  Take note of what establishments like Oddfellows Ice Cream Company and Etcetera Etcetera have done to capitalize on this trend. Their homemade flavors – Miso Cherry and Thai Sorbet, for example - pique the interest of the food adventurist while also leaning in on recent Asian Fusion ingredient trends. Or, there’s the ever classic Tempura Brownie from Koa (add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, please!) which still manages to garner attention from NYC food enthusiasts. Here’s our point: you don’t have to be a full-fledged creamery to make the most of the city’s zest for dairy. You do, however, have to get creative with your dessert menu if you want to compete beyond the classics.

Burgers, Burgers, & More Burgers
Whether it’s Shake Shack’s limited edition “Roadside Burger” (Come on! Who would pass up a burger with bacon and caramelized onion, simmered in BEER), the slew of other NY eateries taunting us with their oversized burger fare (The Spotted Pig, J.G. Mellons, etc. etc.), or those eateries catering to the herbivore crew (Chloe, Candle 79), it’s clear New Yorkers aren’t planning to shrink their burger budgets anytime soon. 

Oysters with a Twist
As if Worcestershire didn’t provide enough kick to your halfshell, now you’ve got to consider adding toppings like truffle to step up your oyster game and compete with the new flurry of oyster bars popping up in the city. New establishments like Grand Army offer fancy breads & specialty butter accoutrement as well a long list of craft beer on tap to ensure clientele leave with happy, full bellies. They may not always make you money in and of themselves, but oysters are a great little teaser for hungrier folks - and often thirstier - passerby, looking to drop big dollars elsewhere on the menu. Plus, they’re not that hard to get going. Even street carts are offering them. Why shouldn’t you?

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