Bradley Cooper is a Bad Boy Chef. Deal With It.

When John Favreau played a chef in a movie called, ahem, “Chef”, last year, we had a hard time believing his on-screen relationship with Sofia Vergara, but were happy to concede his action in the kitchen was–by Hollywood standards–relatively on point. So now Bradley Cooper is taking a turn as a Michelin-starred toque? Sure. Why not.

Even if this turns out to be a terrible movie (and with a name like Burnt, they’re setting themselves up for some pun-filled reviews if this thing tanks), we’re just glad they’re finally making big name films about what it takes to work in the restaurant industry. The number one complaint we hear when we talk to chefs, is that people think what they do is easy. It’s not easy. Hopefully Burnt will make that clear. We’ll let you know as soon as we see it.

No word yet on whether Bradley Cooper uses BlueCart in this film, by the way. Doubtful though, because ordering all his supplies in one-click probably wouldn’t make for great viewing. Not a lot of suspense when everything goes well and everyone’s happy…

Watch the first trailer here:

And the second (maybe better one) here: