For Your Consideration: A New Kind of Cheese Pairing for Your Restaurant...Hint: It's not wine.

If you–or your customers–have grown bored with cheese pairings featuring the standard fare of wine, crackers, and fruit, we have the perfect idea to help spice up your queso game: beer. Don’t question the advice if you know what’s gouda for you! (Really, really sorry about that one…)

We first heard about this idea near our Washington, D.C. HQ. Right Proper brew pub, conveniently located in the vibrant Shaw corridor just down the street, serves up a vast selection of globally sourced artisanal cheeses ripe for the pairing. At a recent beer and cheese event there, the day’s featured cheese plate was presented alongside a chosen selection of batch suds brewed in house. The experience definitely left an impression on all in attendance, including Team BlueCart…

Much to our surprise, these types of beer and cheese pairing events are cropping up across the country! Popular food blogs like Serious Eats and are curating content for patrons seeking pairing advice. And cheat sheets such as “Craft Beer Do’s and Dont’s”, authored by well-known executive chefs, help ensure cheese pairing do not go a-rye. (Again, apologies for the puns. It’s just too easy.)

Think of this as a whole new menu possibility. Margins on cheese aren’t too bad, and getting guests sampling your entire tap lineup is never a minus. Plus, you set yourself apart from the usual wine pouring boredom, and can create a little social media buzz in the meantime. NB: We’re happy to help on that end! Send your beer and cheese events to, and we’ll gladly blast them out for all to see. In fact, if we’re in town, we’ll probably show up ourselves… 

Want more info? Start with this infographic created by the Huffington Post and you are well on your way to creating a unique experience for your guests and their friends they aren’t likely to forget.

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