Some Thanksgiving Inspiration for the Non-Traditionalist Restauranteur

Whether you are planning your own small get-together with friends and/or family and are in need of some last minute inspiration while you are preparing for the surge in holiday traffic at your restaurant or dealing with “restaurant block” as you create those finishing touches to your holiday menu, we have just the list for you!

We scoured the internet to find out which ingredients and recipes are resonating with consumers this Thanksgiving.

Take a peek:


Italian Sausage

This spin on the traditional Thanksgiving promises to deliver a few extra unexpected savory notes to the plate. For an added touch, use homemade asiago focaccia bread to bring a unique crunch to this side dish.

Miso Rubbed Turkey

As we mentioned in our New York Restaurant Week blog piece in August, Asian inspired fare is still on-trend. Why not let the subtle umami flavor come to life in this year’s turkey? Blend some miso and puréed onions, rub the mixture under the skin of your unbrined turkey, and viola!

alt Bacon-Wrapped Brussel Sprouts

This one is blowing up the Instagram world. So grab some toothpicks, maple syrup, brussel sprouts, and bacon for a side veg full of flavor. We won’t bore you with a recipe, though. We know you’ll find a way to add your own twist come munch time.

alt Pears and Cranberry Sauce

Add a hint of honey and ginger to your cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving. You will need about a pound of cranberry sauce for every 3 bosc pears to keep the cranberries front and center. This one’s sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Do we have you salivating at your desk or phone yet? What are you waiting for, then? Place your Thanksgiving orders with suppliers now via BlueCart app. We’ve only a few days left to go until game time!