Top 3 Social Media Tips for Restaurants

Restaurants are finding new ways to leverage social media. When you type in "Restaurants Social Media Tips" in Google you get what seems to be an endless string of websites offering you the best way to improve your social media presence. We put what we thought were the three most insightful tips for your social media accounts.


Keep a Good Ratio

As an overall rule, you shouldn't actively advertise your restaurant more than 25% of the time on social media. That means the other 75% of the time, you're basically making conversation. Restaurants have to work on genuinely engaging with their customers on social networks, rather than talking at them. Twitter lets you respond quickly to a compliment, complaint, or comment from a customer, and is a great way to show people you're "listening". Go forth and make conversation!

The other 25% of the time, try some promotional ideas like highlighting your restaurant staff, offering a special or include an interesting fact about your restaurant. For inspiration, here is a list of some great restaurants on Social Media.

Encourage User Generated Content

User generated content is any picture, tweet, or personal message that your customers create on their own. You can help make these happen with customer photo contests, and don't just limit yourself to one social media platform. The new Little Beet restaurant around the corner from our office recently gave away free meals to people who Instagrammed, Tweeted, or posted on Facebook about the restaurant on opening day. We were the first in line, our posts were liked and shared, and we've been back since. Not a bad way to get folks to come in the door, and spread the word!

Show off your Employees

Humanize your business by showing off your... humans! Take pictures of your staff having fun at the restaurant. Tweet quotes about their favorite things - in food or elsewhere. Guests love knowing that they're coming to a place with some life in it, and if it looks like the staff is having fun, chances are the customers will too.