Back to the Future: 2016 Food Trends

Check it out. Technomic released what they predict will be the biggest trends for restaurants in 2016. It's like an insiders guide to what suppliers should be prepping for next year if they want to get ahead of the competition.

Technomic predicts...

Going Global to Find Flavor

A lot of restaurants are going global to find the next “Sriracha”. Whole continents are being sifted through to find the next spice or spice combo that will make the restaurant scene explode. Some of the condiments currently getting the most attention are the Indian ghost pepper, Korean gochujang, the North African dukka and the Southern Asian Sambal. Do you supply dukka yet?

Nothing to waste

Prices are increasing in the protein market, and everyone's feeling the pinch. Chefs and restaurants are working on new ways to utilize every part of the animal in question: stock, bones, organs, and everything in between. Meat suppliers can use this to their advantage, by educating chefs on the nose-to-tail benefits of their products, and even selling on some parts that might have otherwise hit the dog food shelves. Seafood suppliers should likewise calculate what fish will give restaurants the most bang for their buck and market that swimmer as such. The more a restaurant feels like they're getting a deal, the more they buy, and the more they buy, the more they push new dishes to their customers, and the more customers that try new dishes, the more... you get the picture.

Meatball Mania

Meatball mentions are up 40%, while sausage mentions are up 14%. And where there's a trending menu item, there's an opportunity for a pre-prepped version that can be sold at a premium. Maybe it's time to start exploring pre-made meatballs so that all your favorite restauranteur has to do is pop them in the oven and bow to the applause.

Make a Ton from being GMO Free

Seven out of ten customers said they would be more likely to purchase food or a beverage that is described as GMO-free. GMO-free products are known to cost more, but that shouldn’t deter restaurant owners or suppliers because 34% of people are willing to pay more for GMO-free food. So, highlight the GMO-free products you have. What people say and what they do are not always exactly in line, but chances are a GMO-Free labeled item next to one without that label can definitely command a premium.

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