A 2013 Study More Relevant Now than Ever

alt Way back in 2013, the Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing conducted a study on the impact of emerging technology in the supply chain and food-production technologies on global food retailers' decisions. While some of the questions dealt with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's), a large portion pertained to technology improvements between retailers and suppliers. So... kind of right up our alley!

The study surveyed specialty stores, supermarkets, and "hypermarkets" in six countries--the United States, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, and England--asking questions about the relationship retailers have with vendors, the different types of technology they use, and what type of technology they will use five or ten years from now.

It was a hefty little tome, but don't worry, We went through the whole thing and pulled out the quotes and facts that might actually matter to you. Here's a quick sample of the good stuff:

  • "As the industry continues to innovate and consumer demand fluctuates, food retailers have embraced technology to stay competitive." - Yeah, we know, it's obvious. BUT, think about it in terms of your own business. Are you actually constantly on the lookout for new tech? Is your competition?

  • "Technology is of high importance to us. We are in the process of upgrading our entire stock supply system to integrate all from the shelf to the supplier." - Same thing. That could be your competition speaking. Make sure you're not just coasting along doing the same old same old when everyone else is innovating.

  • "The findings support the trend toward rapid advancement in technology for supply-chain systems and inventory management within the food retailing industry for all six countries." - Hear that? RAPID. Time to get moving! If you're not already a BlueCart member, maybe it's time to sign up right now...

  • "Emergent technologies in supply chain management and food production have become critical issues impacting vendor selection." - Hi, we're BlueCart. They're talking about us. Restaurants want to use suppliers who use BlueCart and vice versa. Since we're free for everyone, there's no reason not to have our tool in your toolbox.


Original Study:

Liu, A. H., My, B., & Leach, M. (2013). Considering Technological Impacts When Selecting Food Suppliers: Comparing Retailers Buying Behavior in the United States and Europe. Journal Of Business-To-Business Marketing, 20(2), 81-98. doi:10.1080/1051712X.2012750183