Some love for BlueCart from FSR Magazine

BlueCart is a boisterous team of passionate people. We start our mornings with hand-shakes, end our days with hugs, and high-five in between to celebrate our accomplishments whether it's signing a new account, releasing a new feature, or landing some serious PR love.

Palms are getting sore from all the hoopla around here today as FSR Magazine, the go to source of content and insights for America's full-service restaurant chefs, owners and executives, featured BlueCart in it's December issue.

Alissa Jeffery, chef de cuisine at Rustico Restaurant & Bar one of the very first to test BlueCart, quotes “It has been about six months since we started using it, and it saves me a ton of time and organizes a lot of our ordering processes,” she says. “My co-workers and purveyors love it.” That's success we really love to hear. High-fives all around!

Not to brag, but since the time of the writing of the article, the number of BlueCart users has grown to over 4,100, and we are pretty damn proud of that!

To join those already ordering with BlueCart or to learn more about what BlueCart can do you for your ordering or fulfillment processes, visit our website or sign up for our January 6 webinar.

Did you miss us on the homepage of FSR Magazine? No worries, you can read the full article here.