Resolutions Are for the Birds, Change Your Habits Instead

Every year, we ambitiously set New Year’s resolutions to do things better, be better people this coming year: volunteer more, work less; more time with family, less time on social media; work out more, drink less. They are laudable goals, and yet all will most likely be broken or forgotten before the holiday decorations are taken down.

As a restaurant or vendor, your goals probably include running a more efficient business, managing your costs, increasing sales etc… While we can’t make you head to the gym instead of happy hour, we can help you run your business more efficiently.

Here are some tips to help you stick to your business resolutions:

Proactive Planning Sure, planning ahead isn’t always super fun as it takes a lot of thought and work, but it pays off. Plan out any holiday or seasonal menus, events, and specials as soon as you can, and get them on the calendar now. Add tasks you can do ahead of time to your calendar too. Have a special menu planned for Valentine’s Day? What do you need to order and prep in advance? Schedule your orders to all of your vendors in advance through BlueCart so you don’t forget as you get closer to your deadlines. You’ll thank yourself.

Be Consistent If you don’t already have them in place, develop consistent schedules for routine tasks like inventory and ordering, staff scheduling, processing incoming orders, and driving efficient delivery routes. Using new tools and technology can be challenging at first, but consistently working to organize incoming orders through a single platform will help vendors get orders out the door easier and with fewer mistakes and restaurants will develop good habits to balance par levels and wasted food.

Communicate As with all relationships, communication is queen. Restaurants place orders to a variety of suppliers at the end of long days, and vendors receive dozens if not hundreds of orders from clients daily, so there are plenty of opportunities for miscommunication. Using a single platform designed to improve communication between restaurants and suppliers, reduce order errors and returns, provide insights around ordering history and develop stronger relationships sounds like a no brainer right? We thought so too, so we developed an app just for you.

Manage Costs Remember balancing your checkbook? It's painful I know, but yes, you still need to do that. In order to manage your costs, you have to know where your money is going and what value it is bringing in. Keep track of your ordering and inventory to control wasted food, keep track of staff schedules to balance being over vs. understaffed, and plan your driving routes to be most efficient. You know best how to run your business, and there are many tools out there to help you manage those tedious, but critical details.

Manage Time Managing your time can be one of the biggest challenges with the constant demands of a busy business, personal life, and everyone asking for a minute of your time. Giving up control and delegating is hard, but look for key players on your team who can handle added responsibility and your employees, your business, and yourself will all benefit as your time is free to manage a business not dabble in the weeds.

Let Us Help You Restaurants and vendors can leverage BlueCart to change ordering and fulfillment habits to plan ahead, communicate clearly, set consistent habits, manage costs and time, and run more efficient businesses by creating better habits. Change your habits with just one click.

Resolutions rarely last, but habits do. Start your habit revolution off on the right foot and sign up for our January 6 webinar to learn how BlueCart can help you simplify the ordering process, saving you time to focus on your other resolutions.

Good luck sticking to your resolutions. I’ll hopefully see you at the gym, but more likely at happy hour!