Super Bowl Sunday Stats and What They Mean for Restaurants

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and the matchup between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers will decide the National Football League Champion. This matchup will obviously focus the eyeballs of millions of people, but it will also stretch the stomachs of the masses.

Don't believe us? We took information researched by The National Snack Association and put it in a neat little infographic. To be clear, this is based off numbers collected throughout the week, but it's a good bet that all (or at least most) is consumed throughout the 4 hours the big game's on TV.

The thing about the Super Bowl is not just the sheer number of households that watch it, but the variety of people that tune in. Some come for the sports, some prefer commercials, and some just show up to eat as many chicken wings as they can.

Also interesting: Less people are venturing out to watch the big game every year. The convenience of staying home trumps the joy of the live spectacle in public. Restaurants and bars might not like to hear that, but with all the delivery services available these days (think Postmates, Caviar, etc.), there's a real opportunity to make money even if you don't traditionally offer delivery.

48 MILLION americans will order out during Super Bowl Sunday. Part of that market can be yours.

And if you need to stock up for it (and you almost certainly do), make sure to log in to your BlueCart account and get ordering.