The BlueCart SpotLight on... Dave Lee

Interested in learning more about BlueCart culture and what it's really like to work in our FoodTech startup?

Dave Lee came in to lead our product team as a relatively recent hire, but has made a MAJOR impact on our work. We managed to get 5 minutes with him - harder than you think! - to ask some questions...

BC: What's your role with BlueCart?

DL: Head of Engineering

BC: What do you love about BlueCart?

DL: Our mission is to create a platform that simplifies the back office processing for suppliers and restaurants. We understand the challenges and frustrations that our customers have on a daily basis with regards to ordering, catalog and pricing management, and other back office related tasks. It's really one big puzzle trying to get the product to work for our users. I love that we are able to solve these challenges so that to the end user everything appears as really simple, intuitive technology.

What makes BlueCart special?

DL: Our customers love our platform. It's fun to work in the restaurant space, because you actually get to see the results of your work every time you eat at one of our user's places. We set out to simplify the back office processing for our customers, and it's good to know that BlueCart is delivering on that promise. But we're not done yet! We'll continue to push out new features that helps our users!

BC: What do you wish more people would know about BlueCart?

DL: We're a lot more deliberate than some tech companies out there. We're not just building a ton of product and seeing what sticks. Our strategy is to plan really well so that we build the best product we can before release, and then iterate on that. Jag actually talked about it in another blog post. Everyday we prioritize customer's needs or features that will save time for our users. We also keep reliability, security, and usability in mind when building our platform, such that our customers can rest assured that BlueCart is available 24/7 to support their needs.

BC: What are you learning through BlueCart?

DL: That work can be fun!

BC: Why did you choose BlueCart?

DL: The company's culture. Everyone is very sincere and genuine, without being boring. It's not often that you meet such a great collection of colleagues, so I'm extremely proud to be a part of the BlueCart team.