Fix Your Restaurant Mistakes with These Tips

If you've ever worked at a restaurant, you know that mistakes happen. You also know that unfortunately, how you handle those mistakes has a lasting impact on your customers and their Yelp reviews.

So what do customers actually expect? Researchers laid out 9 common restaurant issues, and surveyed a group of people on how they would want that problem resolved.

What this long (and to be honest - beautiful) infographic tells you is that to customers a sincere apology or even a manager coming by to see what the fuss is about can change the entire outlook a customer has about your restaurant. If your staff goes straight to comping food, they may be overcompensating for a situation where a simple, sincere apology would do.

Check it out:

Recovery Strategies for Service Failures: The Case of Restaurants
Ilan Silber , Aviad Israeli , Adi Bustin , Ofir Ben Zvi
Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management
Vol. 18, Iss. 7, 2009