Make March Your Best Month with This Promotion

It’s March and you know what means: an hour of extra sunlight and beautiful days. We racked our brains at BlueCart to find some ways that restaurant owners can take advantage of March to bring spring showers - of cash - to their registers.

There’s a national day for almost everything and half of those days don’t pertain to the food industry. For example, who decided that April 27th was National “Just Because” Day? The food industry can’t market around that day, but they can make March 27th a special day.

March 27th is National “Make up your own Holiday” day and that got our creative juices flowing. The first thing we thought was: how come there isn’t a National Hug a Chef Day? Well, guess what!? To BlueCart, March 27th is National Hug a Chef Day. Unless you don't like being hugged at random by your customers, in which case it's National Leave the Chef Alone Day.

Not warming up to either of those ideas? Well, below is a list of March holidays that you can actually promote around. Hope this month is the best one yet!

March 1- Peanut Butter Lovers' Day

March 10- Popcorn Lover's Day (second Thursday)

March 14- National Potato Chip Day

March 14- National Pi Day

March 15 National Agriculture Day

March 17 Submarine Day

March 17- Saint Patrick's Day

March 19- Poultry Day

March 23- National Chip and Dip Day

March 24- National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

March 25- Pecan Day

March 25- Waffle Day

March 26- National Spinach Day

March 31- National Clam on the Half Shell Day