Announcement: The Inaugural BlueCart March Madness Bracket Challenge

March is here and the Madness is upon us. If you've got a TV in your restaurant, you're anticipating a swarm of college basketball fans overtaking tables and bar stools. Why should they be the only ones cheering? Give yourself something to root for by entering BlueCart's March Madness Bracket.

What will you win you ask? Well, you'll definitely snag bragging rights in the DC food scene, but if that's not enough, how about a hand crafted Hibachi white-steel carbon laminate knife from DC Sharp and a dozen of assorted sausages from Red Apron?

Here's the catch: only DC area food industry workers are allowed to enter (we're keeping it in the family). So the odds are looking pretty good for you to win the whole enchilada.

Sign up here!

Here's hoping you cut down the nets with your brand new knife (it's very pretty and sharp, so be careful too!)...


A recent graduate from Virginia Tech, Matt Katz came to BlueCart as a young social media guru. When Matt isn't writing or putting together infographics, he can be seen running on the Georgetown canal!

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