The Life Cycle of 2015 Restaurant Sales

Restaurants sales in 2015 were just like a roller coaster- up and down they went. But overall, 2015 was a pretty solid year for restaurant sales.

We wanted to map out the journey that restaurant sales took in 2015. You'll notice the dips and rises of 2015. Maybe you'll spot a trend that we didn't see.

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Chart Data

January sales- 42.6 billion
February sales- 42.5 billion
March sales- 49 billion
April sales- 47.3 billion
May sales- 50.6 billion
June sales- 47.5 billion
July sales- 48.3 billion
August sales- 49.7 billion
September sales- 46.6 billion
October sales- 49.6 billion
November sales- 47.1 billion
December sales- 50.3 billion

  • The biggest drop in restaurant sales was 3.1 billion. That drop occurred from May to June & from August to September

  • The biggest jump in restaurant sales was from February to March with sales skyrocketing up 6.5 billion

  • May had the biggest haul of the year with the total amount of restaurant sales reaching 50.6 billion

  • January was a relatively slow month for restaurant sales, but the rest of the year made up for it. January kicked off 2015 with 42.6 billion in sales, but December closed out 2015 with a whopping total of 50.3 billion in sales