Mamma Mia! That's A Lot of Pizza

Thinking of entering the pizza market? It's a crowded field, but the amount Americans consume means there is still plenty of opportunity for the right players. Plus, if you can differentiate yourself somehow, you can attract customers who might want to enjoy their childhood favorite without expanding their wastelines (think gluten-free pizza, vegan pizza, etc.). Healthy pizza? Why not?

The basic facts speak for themselves. Pizza restaurants are still a big opportunity, and with the right product, price, and market, you can tap into an American craving like no other...

Statistics compiled from:

  1. United States Department of Agriculture

  2. Datassential

  3. National Association of Pizza Operators

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  • Three billion pizzas are sold in the United States each year.

  • Children and adults eat on average 23 pounds of pizza each year

  • 25% of the cheese produced by the United States is used on Pizza

  • 53% of Americans choose to get their pizza to-go

  • 28% of Americans get their pizza delivered

  • 19% of Americans eat their pizza in the restaurant (dine-in)