A Prehistoric trend or the future of the industry?

We often hear that time is cyclical and that history often repeats itself. Can the same be said about food?

At the beginning of humanity, homo-sapiens were the ultimate foragers. Our ancestors would eat foods within reach, which was protein and herbs. Our palates have changed throughout time with the development of agriculture and modern technology, leading to a craving for processed food.

In recent years, diet and lifestyle gurus have turned back the clock for a more authentic and healthy lifestyle. One man who realized the advantages of curtailing your diet to caveman standards was Stanley-Boyd Eaton. In 1985, Eaton wrote about how Paleo was the "perfect human diet" in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Two theories drove Eaton's claim that Paleo was the perfect human diet; the first was the human body has remained the same since the beginning of time, and the second was individuals who were born before the development of farming were six inches taller than individuals born after the creation of agriculture. On top of that, Eaton posited that they never had cavities.

Despite some controversy, Eaton's ideas garnered lots of interest, and years later, Loren Cordain took the movement to the next level with his Paleo Diet book. Cordain's book would become the Paleo community's go-to handbook. With that in hand, food enthusiasts and dietitians wrote blogs proclaiming the health and lifestyle benefits of the Paleo-centric diet, and the trend continues to expand each year with Paleo food creations, Paleo distributors, and even Paleo restaurants.

There are even companies developed solely on the premise of the paleo-future such as Grok Bars - "the purest concept of Paleo" out there. Grok Bars stick out in the Paleo community because owner Bryan Capitano stays true to and modernizes the Paleo concept by churning out unprocessed ingredients in a familiar snack format: the bar. There is nothing processed in the bar and everything in them is locally sourced out of Portland, Oregon.

Still, with all this innovation, the big question is whether the Paleo lifestyle will die off like the dinosaurs? Or will people continue to flock to the growing movement and make Paleo a norm? Our guess is as good as yours and in the meantime enjoy chewing on all of the newest food items that are now at our disposal!