NRA Convention Focuses Attention on Sustainability

The biggest and brightest minds converged on the Windy City to discuss what and where the food industry is heading. Exhibitors touted their products by giving out free samples to the masses, chefs took center stage to show off their skills, and industry leaders spoke about key issues such as food waste and sustainability.

The National Restaurant Association Show brought more than 2,000 exhibitors to Chicago. Participants touched all parts of the food industry and featured companies focusing on unique cuisines, tableware displays, and technology. The show provided great insight as to where the food industry is heading and how BlueCart is a perfect fit in that future. Two of BlueCart's account executives, Matt and Emma, went to Chicago to walk the floor, make some new connections and learn about new trends emerging in the food world.

Matt and Emma with TableTop Journal

One of those trends? The importance of creating something sustainable and unique. The impact that the food industry has on the environment has been a controversial topic for a while now and some companies are trying to address that problem. Edible cups, straws, and plates are seen as a practical (and delicious) alternative to plastic ware. Large crowds were formed around SharkTank company Loliware, where biodegradable cups were up for a taste test. We don't doubt that more companies will try to come up with more ways to minimize food's footprint on the world.

Matt from BlueCart with Stubborn Soda

Another common thread Matt and Emma saw in Chicago? Technology is making an impact in the hospitality industry (more than 100 technology companies exhibited). The DigiTech bar showcased apps in the hospitality space that can change the way restaurants function. It was inspiring to see all the new ways technology is impacting the industry we love, and it was great to see how unique BlueCart is when compared to those technologies!

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