BlueCart Receives Fastest Growing Startup Award at Europe's Biggest FoodTech Conference

Startup and industry leaders came from all across the world for this year's Seeds & Chips FoodTech conference in Milan. BlueCart's CEO, Konstantin Zvereff, made the trip from DC to speak about his experience founding BlueCart and how the food industry can leverage BlueCart now and in the future.

Konstantin spoke on the Farmer 4.0 panel alongside great minds including Alex Giodorno, Hildreth England, Cristiano Spadoni, Giuseppe Spallina, Sepehr Mousavi and Davide Almondo. In a Ted-X style presentation, Konstantin expanded on his experience working with SweetGreen (a national salad chain) and how through that experience BlueCart was founded.

Toward the end of the conference, the BlueCart team received phenomenal news. BlueCart was awarded "Fastest Growing Startup" by the higher ups at Seeds and Chips.

Konstantin was thrilled with the conference and enjoyed meeting other leaders in the food tech community. Dealing with some language differences was sometimes challenging, but Konstantin is already planning his trip next year!

You can view Konstantin's presentation here


A recent graduate from Virginia Tech, Matt Katz came to BlueCart as a young social media guru. When Matt isn't writing or putting together infographics, he can be seen running on the Georgetown canal!

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