DCist says BlueCart's Dining Deck is a Royal Flush

Marcel's, Maketto and Right Proper Brewery were some of the winners at the RAMMYs. Another big winner? BlueCart. The Food Tech startup was the center of attention at the 2016 RAMMYs awards by providing a unique freebie. BlueCart showed off their "DC Dining Deck" which featured pictures of the District's most prominent chefs including José Andrés, Patrick O'Connell, Marjorie Meek-Bradley and 49 more on a deck of playing cards.

DCist loved the marketing play by the BlueCart team, calling the DC Dining Deck a "clever collectors item".

Konstantin Zvereff and Jag Bansal, BlueCart’s Founders, attended the award gala and quickly became the center of attention with chefs clamoring for any extras. The chefs that made it into the deck were thrilled and some chefs (like Ris Lacoste) tweeted out their appreciation.

Interested in grabbing a deck for yourself? We are in short supply, but signing up for a quick five-minute demo on BlueCart will up your chances.


A recent graduate from Virginia Tech, Matt Katz came to BlueCart as a young social media guru. When Matt isn't writing or putting together infographics, he can be seen running on the Georgetown canal!

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