How This New Packaging Design is Revolutionizing the Fresh Produce Industry?

With the demand from consumers for safer packaging, recent technology innovations have allowed for designs to make produce last longer. Fresher produce not only helps retailers and restaurateurs – who obviously want to present, sell and cook with fresh-looking produce – but also consumers who want to cook with the freshest fruits and vegetables possible. Especially in the restaurant industry, a commonplace for substantial food-waste, new packaging innovations point towards a more sustainable future.

One company revolutionizing packaging in order to make produce last longer is Maxwell Chase Technologies, a subsidiary of CSP Technologies Inc. Tom Gautreaux, the national sales director for Maxwell Chase, explained his company’s absorbent pouches are a solution to packing fresh produce.

“What typically happens is products like peppers, onions, celery and other vegetables, get trimmed, cut, washed, and sanitized. They come across a shaker table to remove water into a basket, then get put in a spin dryer and it spins the daylights out of it,” Gautreaux told The Packer.

Gautreaux’s 25 years of experience with produce and managing processing plants means that he knows first-hand that important of moisture in the supply chain. Maxwell Chase has specifically designed these pouches to keep in moisture while absorbing any excess liquid. This allows producers to pack and ship wet produce, which is something producers find initially hard to believe according to Gautreaux.

“When I tell someone you can pack the product wet, they think I’ve lost my mind, but when they actually try it and see the results all I can do is tell them the story and hope they at least try it,” Gautreaux added.

Maxwell Chase also offers absorbent trays, pads, and pouches for fresh-cut fruits. But Maxwell Chase is not the only company battling rotting produce through pouch designs. The concept of pouch designs has allowed other companies more freedom in designing bags, labels, graphics and improving overall production efficiency.

Fox Solutions of Lockport, New York has used this design primarily for onions, potatoes, and small citrus fruits. This design, however, has integrated a zipper and ranges widely in size. Fox Solutions sales executive Jeff Nielsen told The Packer that “[Our unique design] is something we’ve kind of played with at the company and it works. We’re ready to take it out to the market.”

Pouch designs are here to stay as the produce industry continues to warm up to them. These fresh new designs will not only aesthetically improve retail displays and consumer satisfaction but also push forward produce supply-chain innovation. With a fresher, more efficient supply-chain, retailers and restaurant owners can start believing in cheaper, fresher and overall better produce.

Post written by Joe Blackman and Aman Kapoor, contributors to Hazel Technologies, at Hazel Technologies, we develop biodegradable products that provide unprecedented control of produce freshness, preventing extensive waste in the food supply chain and increasing shelf life for distributors, restaurants, and grocery chains. Find out more at Hazel Technologies.

Source: The Packer