The Big Advice: Don't Skimp on Design

You can argue that the restaurant industry is more innovative than any other industry. OK - maybe not more innovative than the tech industry, but we will leave that up for you to decide. New technology and menu concepts are leaving consumers craving for more. But, the unheralded part of dining out might be beyond your taste buds.

If you didn't catch our drift - we're talking about the feng shui. Restaurant owners are realizing the importance of becoming an A-list interior designer. Some companies are even specializing in restaurant design, such as StreetSense.

Many studies have been conducted to see how a restaurant's interior and exterior design affects diners. The first breakthrough study began in 1973 when Phillip Kotler concluded that customers take all aspects of the restaurant when it comes to their opinion- food preparation or service aren't the deal breakers that everyone once thought. (although you should still put a GREAT emphasis on putting out the best meals you can!)

A group of researchers hailing from Taiwan wanted to find out whether or not restaurant design impact customers decisions and to what extent. These researchers used formulas and conducted surveys to answer the question of restaurant design. We skimmed through their study and highlighted the three main discoveries.

  1. "To increase restaurant profits, restaurant managers should focus on creating an innovative dining atmosphere to increase customers' satisfaction, loyalty, and enjoyment of the dining space." Restaurant Managers must do something different, we recently saw an article on the top 20 most unusual restaurant designs. Read it here to get your creative juices flowing!

  2. "Creativity and aesthetics also act as important influencing factors, which indicates that innovation requires creative exploration and that the aesthetic dimensions influence the value of restaurant physical environment design" Aka spacing should be a priority in your restaurant.

  3. "From the perceptive of relationships, eco-friendliness influences aesthetics and performance through creativity." Politicians aren't just the only one talking about going green! Customers value a restaurant that takes care of the environment.