Food recall fear? BlueCart is here!

As a supplier, your focus is having the best quality food supply for your customers. Traditionally, a product will get recalled and either the supplier is on top of it, or it’s too late and the restaurant owner has to ship it back. Does that sound like a hassle for your busy restaurant client? We know it does.

According to, the four main reasons to recall a product are (1) misbranding, (2) presence of undeclared allergens, (3) contamination, and (4) mislabeling a product as another product. When this happens you may turn red, have an unexpected hot flash, scramble to find your phone, and call all of your clients to announce the recall to the item you sent out yesterday.

Never fear because BlueCart is here (with all of our pristine cleaning supplies to clean up this mess!). And how will we clean up this recall extravaganza? We won’t. We simply help you prevent it. As soon as an item of yours gets recalled, you have the opportunity to delete it from your vendor catalog so your clients receive up-to-the-minute information on your inventory and are unable to order any product that is currently being recalled.

BlueCart’s free app is available in both Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play store. Download a supplier’s best friend and protect your inventory today.