BlueCart at Portland Show with DPI: take me to the Chocolate Shop

BlueCart is delighted to announce its partnership with DPI Specialty Foods! The partnership stems from a mutual passion for not only food but also for providing unmatched service within the hospitality industry. Here’s a little behind the scenes knowledge: DPI Specialty Foods is a sales, marketing, and logistics provider to national and regional retailers, independent operators and foodservice providers, with products in three temperature ranges. This is all done with finesse through 8 distribution centers across the United States.

DPI and BlueCart will be in attendance at the Portland Show on August 23rd. DPI will run order transactions with the help of BlueCart in their Chocolate Shop, which consists of about 50 chocolate vendors! (Sounds glorious!) BlueCart will provide customers with demo access to the application. In the event of severe temptation to order from the Chocolate Shops, simply do so on your BlueCart app. You’ll then have the opportunity to experience the ease and simplicity of ordering through BlueCart (warning: you might get hooked).
Come meet, greet, and mobilize your orders at the Portland Show! As always, keep up with BlueCart’s latest news and events on Facebook and Twitter.