BlueCart is now custom-made just for you suppliers!

Personal customization is a feature that has avoided this industry for far too long, which is why we made it a top priority for our users. At BlueCart, it’s not about how great we feel, but how in control you and your customers feel. This new feature can tailor your menu to fit the different needs of your individual clients. Suppliers can enjoy an array of product features:

  • Comprehensive catalog management capabilities:create custom catalogs and prices for clients.  

  • Catalog updates are immediately reflected to the buyer, reducing lag time in traditional catalog printing or distribution mechanisms.

  • Ability to manage and view all of your customers and their buying patterns in easy to see format. This enables suppliers to see customer purchasing patterns and communicate directly with their customers through BlueCart.

  • Detailed analytics and reports available 24/7, providing detail metrics to help suppliers optimize inventory management, delivery routes, and stock levels for various products.

  • Ability to quickly print out order invoices to support pick tickets for packaging and delivery.

Busy running errands and going to meetings?

Don’t stress it! BlueCart provides dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android for suppliers to immediately receive an order on their mobile device, thus enabling them to quickly process them and track order status throughout the lifecycle of the order. For a business account, we allow an unlimited number of user accounts to manage the orders, providing greater transparency and traceability while reducing the potential for duplicate orders or products being ordered.

Forgot something you had a dream about? Ordering is available 24/7.