BlueCart partners with RunningRestaurants

At BlueCart, we truly embrace our partnerships. That’s why our new bond with Running Restaurants is more than welcomed. RunningRestaurants has put in nearly 20 years of hard work and has 1200+ articles, 40+ hours of seminars & webinar sessions, plus a download library all dedicated to helping restaurants be more profitable and successful. The site contains crucial information covering everything from restaurant marketing ideas and cost saving operations tips to great service advice and how to hire rockstars for your team.

If that wasn’t enough, they also provide members with rich and unique resources like coaching, restaurant financing and leasing, and a solid resource hub for startups in the restaurant management space. RunningRestaurants has tailored their experience to extensively cater to every need of any restaurant owner or manager. From tech and new industry trends to safety and sanitation, RunningRestaurants is your go-to guy for all things restaurant management. Check ‘em out, you may be surprised with all the services they have to offer your business.

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