Sustainability in the Kitchen, a Peas on Moss Podcast

Konsantin Zvereff, CEO and co-founder of BlueCart, recently met up with Kimberly Schaub of Peas on Moss to talk all things sustainability. As an active participant on social media, Schaub was first introduced to BlueCart after she followed the results of our Restaurant Industry Survey Results back in September. A quick email back and forth and one phone call later, it was very apparent that BlueCart and Peas on Moss were a perfect fit. The podcast covers everything from sustainability in the kitchen to relationship management between restaurants and their suppliers.

If you'd like to learn more about BlueCart and the various suite of products we offer restaurants and suppliers, please head on over to our website to tap into all the resources you'll need. If you're ready to usher your business into the new era of sustainability, please head right to the front of the line!