How can Suppliers Better Deal with all their Deliveries?

Tech meets delivery

Consolidation within the logistics industry is accelerating and companies are looking for stable companies with distribution system expertise. A clear trend is that companies are using software that sets them apart from their competition. This technology provides both accelerated solution time and improved communication. A tech platform that allows your solutions to talk to each other can keep you and your drivers in sync with their delivery routes and be cost effective.

How to increase your operational efficiency

As a supplier, you could have hundreds of orders per week going out for delivery. With BlueCart’s new Delivery Routes feature, suppliers can now customize their delivery for each individual order. The best part is, you can simply customize these routes by configuring delivery days, delivery and order minimums, fees and order cutoff times for each one of your customers. Suppliers can conveniently see a full list of their delivery routes on BlueCart with detailed delivery information for each customer.

If your customers are in different cities, edit your delivery fee per the transportation cost of delivering to those respective cities. BlueCart knows that transportation expenses can represent a significant portion of overall distribution costs. In turn, these higher costs are often passed on to customers in the form of higher product prices. Not only will synchronizing your delivery routes reduce costs on the back end, but also increase your profits by allowing you to take advantage of larger margins.

Optimized routing means less operational costs, and less operational costs means more profit per unit of inventory delivered. If your customer’s orders are too small, here’s your chance to make their delivery and your fuel worth your while.

In addition to your new customizable delivery fees, suppliers can experience bonuses like order cutoff times from their customers to secure next day delivery, and set order and delivery minimums, all of which can be adjusted differently for each client. Total optimization at your fingertips.

It’s delivering done your way…with a pinch of BlueCart backing.

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