BlueCart Product Updates Mar. 7, 2017

The much awaited update to our Order Check-in feature is finally here!

Restaurant Operators/Buyers

We know how important it is to keep accurate track of all items received at time of delivery to insure the Invoice matches the Purchase Order. In the other, not so pleasant scenarios, it is just as important to track those broken eggs, spoiled produce, as they are being returned and ensure proper credits are applied.

With our latest release, you can easily:

  • Check-in items at time of delivery
  • Edit the price of each item to match invoice (no need to pay someone to convert paper invoices to Excel files)
  • Take a picture of paper invoice (keep it for accounting records, FOREVER)
  • Take a picture of items being returned, which get emailed to your team and the sales rep right away

Using the Order Check-in feature is super easy:




    Lastly, All the details are available for your Accounting team on Web as well, to ensure all invoices are reconciled.



To get started on building your first Order Check-In via BlueCart, please head right this way!

And as always, thanks for using BlueCart! Have an idea for a new feature? We're always listening: