How Technology Can Change the Way Restaurants Check In Orders

Take a minute to recall right now how you check in orders and how much of your time that process consumes daily or even weekly. Without giving it much thought, we know you’re at least dealing with papers, pencils, and phone calls (especially if you have to return a spoiled item and are forced to run through a mouse maze to receive credit for it gasp). According to a report conducted by the NRA, 4 in 5 restaurant operators agree that restaurant technology helps increase sales, make their restaurant more productive, and gives their business a competitive edge. Sounds like those 4 in 5 restaurants are using BlueCart!

You may be comfortable with how you’re currently running your BOH, and adding tech to your ordering process could seem distracting to your business. I’m here to assure you that it only enhances it. Before you click on to read the other highly informative blogs we have, allow me to give you a brief tour of the benefits of adding a tech app to your order check-in process.

Stay with me here:

As a restaurant owner, keeping track of all items received at time of delivery, and ensuring invoices match purchase orders, are imperative concerns. We get that! That’s why we present our enhanced Order Check-In feature to lighten your load (literally).

Save your resources. You’re going paperless.

Imagine receiving your order, checking in items from your phone, returning some, and all of that activity is documented, credits are received, and your invoice can be saved as a picture. You’ll never have to save that piece of paper, again. Why? Because it’s securely saved on your BlueCart app.

Which leads me to the next benefit:

Fill in the gap between kitchen and accounts payable

Let’s say you have been using the BlueCart app for a month now and it’s time to reconcile all your invoices. Oh drag, sounds incredibly time consuming, I know. What if I told you all of your order details and invoices are accessible to your accountant on mobile and web?

Wait, don’t jump for joy just yet, I have one more benefit and this one will help you sleep like a baby at night:

Experience the ultimate buyer/supplier transparency

Will my supplier get notified if I returned an item straight off the truck? Will I get credit to my account right away? Will my supplier receive the updated invoice immediately after I have updated it? Will the invoice pictures stay on the app forever?


Technology has changed the way we communicate. It’s instant. With BlueCart, your supplier is standing next to you at all times via instant messaging and instant document transfer communication (in this case, sending and saving invoices). Did you think technology would create distance or disrupt your relationship with your supplier? Well, we’re bringing you closer than ever.

With Order Check-In by BlueCart:

  • Check in items at time of delivery
  • Edit the price of each item to match your invoice
  • Take picture of the paper invoice for accounting purposes
  • Take a picture of items being returned (which get emailed to your team and the sales rep right away!)

For more details about this feature, check out our enhanced order checkin update.

You probably didn’t think you’d be this impressed by the end of a blog post. But here we are. Ready for next steps? Welcome to BlueCart.