Zero Waste Kitchen Chef Showcase: Week 1

Welcome Zero Wasters! This week inside BlueCart’s Zero Waste Kitchen, we're dipping our fingers into the saucy worlds of Chef Tanya Holland, Chef Tim Ma, and Chef Jehangir Mehta. We discovered that, aside from their celebrity status, all three chefs were born with a sustainable heart therefore have revealed some of their original food prevention tactics.

Chef Tanya is on top of portion control and a huge advocate for not wasting food. So much so, that she uses all parts of her products and also donates compost and raw food scraps to a local community garden. She also solely works with vendors who value sustainability.

Chef Tim expressed that one of his back of house problems, and this goes for most restaurants, is food waste. In order to prevent food waste, Tim keeps a tight inventory. He also uses all of his vegetables by spreading all the parts to a variety of dishes. Check out his week 1 blog for more on those tips!

Chef Jehangir passionately explains that since coming from a third world country, he was born into the mindset of not wasting food and saving. This mentality has followed him to all three of his restaurants as he and his staff use old, worn out menus as notepads and burn them after. He also mentions that mushrooms use the least amount of water, making them a go-to food waste preventative vegetable.

Keep up with Zero Waste Kitchen every week to follow our chefs in their journey to ultimate sustainability. They will share their best practices on working in the kitchen, food recovery, time management and much much more. Follow us to see how the pros do it.