Introducing Chef Tanya Holland for Zero Waste Kitchen

Chef Tanya grew up in a family passionate about cooking. It was that passion she experienced cooking for friends and family that led Tanya on her path to chef and restaurateur and she has been blazing new trails ever since. Her goals when deciding to open her own restaurant circled around diversifying the industry and creating opportunities for people from her similar background.

Creating a new spin on modern soul food and comfort classics, she has created a brand that spans restaurants, cookbooks and television work.

After studying at La Varenne in Burgundy France, and the Institute of Culinary Education, her goals when starting out were to be a part of diversifying the industry and creating opportunities for others. With her restaurant Brown Sugar Kitchen, she has created a destination diner with a comforting atmosphere and menu that includes local and seasonal food with a soulful twist.

It is that focus on resourcing local and careful attention to food waste that is Chef Tanya’s philosophy around food, hiring, and sourcing. With a smaller kitchen, her staff needs to be even more efficient balancing limited storage with perishables. That is why she is a stickler about rotation and ‘first in, first out’, as well as portion control.

Food Waste is especially important to Chef Tanya. She has bins for composting where she works with community gardens while cultivating vendors who also value sustainability.

When ordering, being mindful to waste is ever present and being as efficient as possible is paramount. Brown Sugar Kitchen’s menu doesn’t change, so it is easier to monitor inventory and reduce waste. She continues that ethos in seeking to eliminate waste across her operation.