Tanya Holland's Contribution to the Culinary Fabric of the Bay Area

Oakland is a relatively new player on the culinary stage, but it has now proven that it has some pretty serious restaurant chops. Oakland recently scored the top spot on USA Today’s list of “Best Local Food Scenes” on the West Coast. Tanya Holland, Owner and Head Chef of Brown Sugar Kitchen, has been a part of this city for 12 years helping put Oakland on the map.

Chef Holland has contributed so much to the culinary fabric of the Bay Area; her impact is felt both in the industrial neighborhood where she created a destination dining space as well as beyond the borders of Oakland. Devoted customers flock to her restaurant where ‘comfort’ extends beyond the menu. Chef Holland wanted to create a concept that would universally appeal to diners, whether they be native to Oakland or visiting from overseas.

What keeps them coming back is her mastery over her culinary craft, where any given Sunday you will find a line outside the door, especially for brunch. With southern cooking at the root of her cuisine, her French training as well as Caribbean flavors merge to create an eclectic menu fully infused with flavor.

Brown Sugar Kitchen’s kitchen is a super busy, open format where everyone works in sync with each other. The open concept creates a staff dynamic of sharing and enjoying the theatre of the kitchen while creating good cuisine for their customers.

A quote by Tanya Holland hangs in Stanford’s Red Skillet Kitchen, a Southern cooking concept where Tanya Holland is a consulting chef.

It reads:

“Bringing people together over food is a way to break down barriers.”

It could be the motto for Brown Sugar Kitchen as well.

To read more about Tanya Holland and her zero waste journey, visit Zero Waste Kitchen.

Tanya Holland is a BlueCart user and advocate. For more information on being as efficient and sustainable as Tanya, visit BlueCart.