Here’s What You Missed During ZWK Week 2: Restaurant Team & Culture

Although they share a similar passion for food, Tanya, Tim, and Jehangir are all from vastly different cultures, and those differences are reflected deliciously in their cuisines. This week we’re submerging ourselves into the team and culture of each chef.

Tanya Holland has spent the last 12 years breaking down barriers and pioneering Oakland’s restaurant landscape, making her a role model for many chefs, especially women. Creating diversity in this industry and paving the way for other African American women to become chefs is a goal she takes pride in. Her kitchen culture revolves around working hard to provide the Bay Area with great southern hospitality and finger-licking-good food. Tanya’s second week as part of Zero Waste Kitchen has bumped her sustainability score to 55%! Visit Tanya’s timeline to peek into her kitchen statistics, team and culture.

The culture at Kyirisan is inspired by his Chinese heritage mixed with his French culinary training. Oo la la! His motto is a happy staff equates to great food and trickles down to happy customers. Tim is currently in the middle of a revolution that’s taking DC by storm. To read more about that revolution and check out Tim’s kitchen stats, visit his timeline. He’s climbing up to a 30% sustainability score this week!

Chef Jehangir’s kitchen is a give and take where harmony is a necessity. This works well for Chef Jehangir who embraces this philosophy and inspires those who appreciate the culture he’s created. Jehangir believes in a world filled with compassion that blends environment with well-being. This week leaves our New York chef with a 60% sustainability score! To gain more of Jehangir’s insight and check out his kitchen stats visit his timeline.

To read more about our Zero Waste Kitchen chefs and their journey towards ultimate sustainability, visit Zero Waste Kitchen.

Tim, Tanya, and Jenagir are BlueCart users and advocates. For more information on being as efficient and sustainable as them, visit BlueCart.