Tanya Holland: The Queen of Re-Working Leftovers Back into the Menu

By now, eating locally and sourcing sustainably is baked into almost all menus in the Bay Area, but Chef Tanya takes the process to new heights. She shared with us some of her kitchen magic: by making menu items perform double duty, she not only reduces waste, but serves up money- saving dishes that customers love.

Leftover potatoes that are cut one way for breakfast are then chopped up to make a hash at the end of the day. Another hash is made from the Smoked Pork cut off the bone of the original menu item.

Jerk Chicken is smoked every day and then pulled off the bone to make Gumbo to use every last bit of the smoky meat. Bacon made for the breakfast service is then cut up and used in the Bacon Cheddar Scallion Biscuits. Day old coffee grounds are used to make cold brew coffee and older grounds go to the garden compost pile.

What is left over is then composted through a local community garden and other items that the garden cannot take, is picked up by Recology, the Bay Area waste management company who is very progressive in their sustainability practices.

Chef Tanya and her kitchen manager Lakesha are getting comfortable with the BlueCart platform where Chef Tanya seeks to have accountability for staff and vendors, clarity around raw product usage during the ordering process and less waste, Lakesha sees the BlueCart platform as a way to watch costs and save money in the long term. She also appreciates not having to phone in orders!

To read more about Tanya Holland and her zero waste journey, visit Zero Waste Kitchen.

Tanya Holland is a BlueCart user and advocate. For more information on being as efficient and sustainable as Tanya, visit [BlueCart](https://goo.gl/BrxLCe.