Chef Tim Ma on How Sustainability Practices are Part of his Overall Lifestyle

A very controlled kitchen and ordering only what is needed is what keeps Kyirisan at the front door of the food waste revolution. Using everything in the kitchen; root to tip and nose to tail; Chef Ma buys only what is needed.

Chef Tim emphasizes the use of local, sustainable, and organic food, which is prevalent throughout his menu. Sourcing meat and produce from farms and other places he trusts is critical to his belief in the local sourcing and farm to table movements.

This isn’t a new practice for Chef Tim. His Vienna, VA restaurant Maple Ave was awarded green certification due to its green activities that they put to use every day by recycling used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel, eliminating usage of Styrofoam, using biodegradable carry-out containers and bags, implementing a recycling program, using natural lighting, and purveying local, sustainable and organic food.

He is currently using the BlueCart platform ordering for the kitchen and adding the Bar to his orders this week. This will give him a 360 view of his inventory and order history along with analytics to compare purchases over time. Chef Tim especially likes that he can see other orders pending so there isn’t any confusion over incoming and outgoing orders.

Chef Tim counts on his purveyors for inspiration and appreciates the introduction of unusual or ‘off the beaten path’ produce. Tuscarora Farms and Sea to Table are two he trusts to deliver to keep his menu fresh.

To read more about Tim Ma and his zero waste journey, visit Zero Waste Kitchen.

Tim Ma is a BlueCart user and advocate. For more information on being as efficient and sustainable as Tim, visit BlueCart.