In Case You Missed Zero Waste Kitchen Week 3: Food Recovery and Composting

Approximately 1.3 billion tons of food gets wasted each year. Food recovery and food composting are more than ever a necessary practice, especially if you are a chef. Tim, Tanya, and Jehangir are seasoned chefs and are able to share their experienced food waste tips and tricks with us.

Chef Jehangir considers the entire lifecycle of a vegetable or protein. Ordering just the right amount rather than buying a whole fish is essential to using every ingredient and product that he orders through BlueCart.

Chef Tim emphasizes the use of local, sustainable, and organic food, which is prevalent throughout his menu. Sourcing meat and produce from farms and other places he trusts is critical to his belief in the local sourcing and farm to table movements. In the kitchen, he utilizes every part of the produce or animal - root to tip and nose to tail.

Chef Tanya is very nifty in her food recovery and food composting game. For instance, she will take day-old coffee grounds to make cold brew coffee and older grounds go to the garden compost pile. Any leftover food will be composted through a local community garden.

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