How Jehangir Mehta's Suppliers Help Create His Menu

Chef Mehta’s menu at Graffiti is a culmination of his thoughtful, compassionate approach to food and place. By commingling global flavors with his background and training, Chef Mehta has created a menu with unexpected yet delicious results.

Responsible sourcing and seeking out local and sustainable ingredients from suppliers who care about food waste is very important. When choosing vendors, he looks to those he knows, trusts and who can provide quality products. Having supplier partners who go the extra mile is always a nice; one of Chef Mehta’s suppliers will go out of her way to immediately correct an order or even find an ingredient she is out of and deliver personally.

One of those trusted suppliers is Sea To Table; a company specializing in connecting domestic fishermen with chefs employing sustainable practices. Chef Mehta has been working with Sea To Table for a few years now and appreciates their ‘zero waste’ philosophy as it aligns with his own sustainable mission and practice. Sea To Table values a chef who understands what happens at the dock. It is here that Chef Mehta is able to purchase broken scallops where other chefs prefer perfection. The result is a still delicious dish made from what might have gone to waste otherwise. After all, a supplier can choose to offer irregular or “ugly” food that’s perfectly healthy and edible, but it takes a progressive chef to bring that food into the kitchen and prepare. It’s a two way street.

With roughly seven vendors on the BlueCart platform and adding more, Chef Mehta can send his orders directly via e-mail. Prior to using BlueCart, Chef Mehta used various methods for placing orders; voicemail, texts and sometimes speaking directly to the sales rep. Whether working with current suppliers, or choosing new ones, a very important quality is integrity – especially when it comes to fixing errors.

An added benefit Chef Mehta has noticed with using BlueCart is having records at his fingertips. Having that paper trail to catch mistakes or see that an order has already been placed saves time and headaches for the Graffiti kitchen staff. Human touch is still important and necessary; maintaining communication is a necessary component.

To read more about Jehangir and his zero waste journey, visit Zero Waste Kitchen.

Chef Jehangir Mehta is a BlueCart user and advocate. For more information on being as efficient and sustainable as Jehangir, visit BlueCart.