How Technology Transformed Tim Ma's Restaurant Kyirisan

At Kyirisan, there are three people in the kitchen who place orders so communication is key. It’s absolutely imperative that everyone is coordinating their ordering efforts so no orders get lost or doubled up. Prior to BlueCart, Chef Ma and his kitchen crew called in orders or sent e-mails.

Keeping track of food waste is not a difficult task; a loosely described system of innately knowing what you have on hand. Extra items are usually served up for staff and family meals.

Kyirisan does have opportunities to go off menu; private dining and wine dinners are served either by utilizing a communal table that sits in the middle of the restaurant or a full buy out of the restaurant. These events call for special ingredients not presented on the regular menu. In fact, for Valentine’s Day this year, they went totally off menu by creating a Valentine’s Day “Fancy F*ing French Restaurant”. Chef Ma appreciates the opportunity to totally transcend the restaurant and offer something unique to his guests.

He recalls a special birthday event for a local newscaster; knowing she loved soufflé – an item not currently on his menu, he created a special tasting menu around her favorite foods. Surprising her with a rooftop cake and champagne celebration while hilltop views of Washington DC completed the experience.

Utilizing technology at Kyirisan is all about efficiency. Chef Ma values the streamlined ordering process with BlueCart as well as his reservation and POS systems – back-of-the-house technology is improving but he feels that operationally, he does not require much tech as the front-of-the-house requires interaction with a host, waiter and seeing the chefs in the kitchen. It is all part of the experience and art of the restaurant.

To read more about Tim Ma and his zero waste journey, visit Zero Waste Kitchen.

Tim Ma is a BlueCart user and advocate. For more information on being as efficient and sustainable as Tim, visit BlueCart.