How BlueCart Enhances Graffiti Earth's Customers' Restaurant Experience

Prior to using the BlueCart platform, Chef Mehta would call in or text his orders. If a specific product or additional information on purchasing a rare ingredient was needed, he would call directly.

Monitoring inventory is ongoing throughout the day and usually a thorough look through all refrigerators and keeping up-to-date with purchasing from staff is consistent. Petty cash receipts means initial ordering wasn’t correct. Keeping the staff accountable to save money on the front-end is important, and additional costs hit the bottom line directly.

Additionally, handling food waste has always been a manually measured task. With a smaller kitchen, additional items were obvious such as an extra pomegranate or case of lettuce – rare in this kitchen as his orders are conservative to begin with. The original philosophy remains and Chef conscientiously focuses on unloved produce, underutilized seafood and sustainable proteins with the ultimate goal of reducing food waste. Chef Mehta will always find ways to use extra inventory.

One of those ways is private events and something Chef Mehta calls ‘memory driven food’. This chef has a very unique presentation delivering a private and personal dining experience tailored to individual tastes. By asking specific questions beforehand, he learns of a guest’s favorite experiences, travels and tastes. Taking those details in account, Chef Mehta creates an experience by compiling a story that taps into all the guest’s senses with special thought behind each carefully crafted course. A guest may walk into a room with aromas from a favorite place and find their favorite flavors interwoven in the dishes to evoke special memories. In addition, a special touch at the end of the evening may be a continuation of the experience, offering even more customized value to create more than just a dining experience for the customer.

With this kind of attention to detail for customers, technology is welcomed but only when it does not disrupt the experience. Utilizing BlueCart has made the back-of-the-house ordering more efficient by having all orders and items visible. Chef Mehta is also looking at mobile payments for customers – convenient, and also less paper. As long at technology adds to the experience without taking away the human touch, it is welcome here at Graffiti Earth.

To read more about Jehangir and his zero waste journey, visit Zero Waste Kitchen.

Chef Jehangir Mehta is a BlueCart user and advocate. For more information on being as efficient and sustainable as Jehangir, visit BlueCart.