A Platform That Provides Balance For Tanya Holland

Prior to BlueCart, e-mailing and phone calls were the preferred method to order from suppliers. In addition, spreadsheets were imperative to staying on top of orders and an updated list of product vendors.

The menu at Brown Sugar Kitchen doesn’t change much which makes ordering and inventory easier as it is a daily process.

Food waste is currently tracked by carefully watching what is used in recipes and by setting obtainable goals in place to visually monitor inventory each day. Since they compost kitchen waste in a variety of ways, this system is streamlined and embedded in the daily routine.

Regarding technology at Brown Sugar Kitchen, the POS system is the most utilized. With reporting – both sales and payroll – it is a very functional part of the operations. Insight into data is helpful with check averages and pricing. They know their sales leaders, but like to track consumer metrics to better understand trends and customer preferences.

With the addition of the BlueCart platform, additional reporting from the inventory and ordering side of the kitchen is adding a helpful layer in this already streamlined and efficient kitchen.

To read more about Tanya Holland and her zero waste journey, visit Zero Waste Kitchen.

Tanya Holland is a BlueCart user and advocate. For more information on being as efficient and sustainable as Tanya, visit BlueCart.