How a Chef Plays Multiple Roles in His Restaurant and Stays on Top

Running a restaurant is a juggling act. “You need to be a marketer, chef, advisor and a motivator”, says Chef Mehta when asked what the most time-consuming part of a Chef’s job is to him. This is in addition to the culinary side of the business and pleasing customers.

Working with his staff to be as efficient as possible is a large part of his job. Staying on top of labor costs is much more difficult for a smaller restaurant. For Chef Mehta, doing double duty and looking at the economics; hard costs and labor costs, is his primary responsibility. The realities of running a restaurant remain the same; size doesn’t matter when facing volatile food prices, thin profit margins and a labor-intensive business model.

Inventory is easier at Graffiti Earth; with a small kitchen, staying on top of what is on hand and what is needed is simplified by size, but reduced even further with BlueCart.

In fact, Chef Mehta tells us what he likes after using the BlueCart platform for six weeks; he was travelling recently and because the BlueCart platform is in the cloud, it allowed him to see exactly what was being ordered by his staff. Normally, he would not know this until he returned to his restaurant. In this particular instance, he was able to notice an item ordered that he knew they did not need and rectify it immediately.

Because of BlueCart, he can now either cancel that order or correct it right away without having to wait weeks for a credit to come through, thus saving his restaurant money. This feature alone helps him stay on top of inventory and reduces over-ordering.

To read more about Jehangir and his zero waste journey, visit Zero Waste Kitchen.

Chef Jehangir Mehta is a BlueCart user and advocate. For more information on being as efficient and sustainable as Jehangir, visit BlueCart.