How Tanya Holland Runs One of the Smoothest Kitchens You've Ever Seen

Keeping your kitchen productive and ensuring that everyone stays on task seems to be a universal issue among restaurants. For Brown Sugar Kitchen, keeping employees busy and productive during and after the breakfast or lunch service. In this kitchen, however, keeping the prep work going during a busy time is a challenge along with managing, hiring and scheduling staff.

Chef Tanya has set up an effective system to keep kitchen staff working together. Whether it’s making waffles from scratch or creating a stock, there is a congruence to the way the team works – from prep to completion. Keeping recipes and prep lists organized helps keep the kitchen running smoothly.

Lakes Pursley, Kitchen Manager of Brown Sugar Kitchen, shared that the systems in place at BSK make her job easier. Lakesha talks about how Chef Tanya has created a most ‘purposeful kitchen’. “Her system runs like clockwork, it is very impressive and there is nothing like it.”

Every spot in the kitchen is utilized and serves a purpose. If a spot is empty, it needs replacing ~ it’s just that simple. Or if they run out of an item, say cornbread – the kitchen staff goes into action with the smooth, and finely tuned processes they have been trained to do.

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