BlueCart Product Updates May 2, 2017

One of the consistent questions we hear from thousands of users typically goes something like this: “…we use BlueCart to buy (or sell) all our supplies, so why can’t we pay (or invoice) using BlueCart as well?”

We finally have an answer. Better yet, we are proud to announce the launch of brand new feature for Payment Processing.


You can now use BlueCart to send an Invoice / Bill to your Clients and collect payments online. That means, you no longer have to print hundreds of paper Invoices / Bills and then send them via mail or with the driver. Finally a check or credit card authorization will arrive back. This long process can now be done in a few minutes, instead of few days.

Setup is easy:
1. Setup a Merchant account in BlueCart and link your bank account to receive payments from Clients (go to Settings -> Billing)

2. Mark Orders ready for invoicing as “Fulfilled” by going to the “Order History” tab

3. Now simply click on “Create Bill” next to the “Fulfilled” orders and follow the steps to send the Bill

No monthly fees | No termination fees | No hidden fees.

You simply pay a low transaction fee charged by the bank. Learn more


Once the Supplier sends the Bill, you’ll receive an email notification and the Bill will appear in your BlueCart account when you log in under the “My Bills” tab.

Making a payment is easy:
1. Click on the “My Bills” tab
2. Select a Bill and click on “Pay Bill”
3. Enter the requested info and you’re done!

To get started by creating your very own BlueCart account, please head right this way!

And as always, thanks for using BlueCart! Have an idea for a new feature? We're always listening: